Ecosystem Services Unit

Sterile Greenspaces or Living Ecosystems?

B4C’s Ecosystem Services Unit (ESU) reaches into the niche of contractual environmental works. The need is developing for contractors who can perform ecologically sensitive rehabilitation of degraded and disturbed areas or highly significant natural areas and green corridors and buffers.

The aims of B4C’s ESU is to perform positive rehabilitation that adds value to public amenities, landscape amenity; and enhances corridors, habitats and biodiversity. Our Environmental Services Unit aims to work off retained undisturbed areas – especially ground layers of natural vegetation – to achieve low maintenance. Retaining and recreating the identity of the sites’ ecosystem will achieve sustainable outcomes for nature conservation and site maintenance.

The two overriding goals are:

  1. creating living ecosystems in balance with open recreation spaces
  2. sustainable progression to low or minimal maintenance with little need for machinery

B4C’s Ecosystem Services Unit specialises in:

  • developments that retain natural bushland, waterways and wetlands
  • waterway rehabilitation of riparian zones and bank stabilisation
  • creation of natural area parklands
  • creation of native waterwise or specific habitat gardens
  • maintenance of rehabilitated areas
  • restoration, regeneration and revegetation of degraded and disturbed sites
  • building or enhancement of ecological corridor
  • compensation of re-vegetation of impacting developments
  • Under powerlines habitat creation and maintenance
  • Consultation Services – environmental management implementation and parkland/natural
  • area concept landscape planning, vegetation management plans, ecological recovery plans.

Other services:

  • Slashing
  • Wick-wiping

View the Ecosystem Services Unit Capability Statement (PDF)

To get a quote or find out more about the services available via our ESU, contact us.

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