Volunteer with us

B4C relies on dedicated volunteers, like yourself, to help carry out its many activities. If any of the areas below interest you, our Volunteer Program will help you join in!

At B4C’s headquarters – Monday to Friday

Maybe you’d like to help with office administration: research, brochure design, copy-writing, reporting and mapping. Budding journalists can write for our newsletter or website articles. Artists can help with posters, brochures and displays, or contribute to our website.

Community nursery and Community Garden – Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Friday mornings

If you have green thumbs, you can help out in the nursery raising plants from seedlings and receiving training in nursery management, seed collection, plant identification and preparation at workshops. If you don’t know much about plants, our other volunteers will help you to learn. Our volunteers also work on various native gardens and do maintenance around our Centre.

Field work ~ Monday to Friday

The weekday field crew meets at 7.30am at the Sustainability Centre at Carindale. The field crew normally returns to base by 2.30pm. Organise your own vehicle if you want less hours. Work is on many and varied natural sites and entails revegetation, rehabilitation and maintenance of waterways, natural areas and parklands.
B4C guarantees trained and accredited supervision for your safety and education. This is a chance to join the frontline troops in restoring and protecting our environment.
Water Watch – generally monthly on a Saturday morning for about 4 hours. Contact us if you’d like to join the group. They meet at Mt Gravatt East and carpool to the various sites.

B4C volunteers carry out our water quality monitoring program. Everyone gets a chance to:

  • carry out water testing
  • identify and remove aquatic weeds – fun in waders or gumboots!
  • explore and learn about riparian (river) ecosystems.

Bushcare throughout the catchment – on weekends

Volunteers can also join in the many activities that take place at designated sites on weekends including bushcare working bees and guided walks. Check the latest schedule of coming events for details or contact your nearest bushcare group. There are about 15 groups in our catchment, most work for about 2 hours once a month, mostly removing weeds to encourage natural regeneration. Some groups also do tree planting and follow up watering and maintenance.

What to bring in the field

If you take part in any of our outdoor activities such as plantings, bush rehabilitation, water quality monitoring, or guided walks, be sure to wear or bring: hat, closed shoes, sun-smart clothes (long pants and long sleeves recommended), sunscreen, insect repellent, water bottle and lunch.

When you start volunteering with B4C, you are required to fill out a volunteer registration form so that you are covered by our insurance. You may download the form here (Word doc), or we will send it to you when you first contact us about volunteering.

Thank you!

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