B4C Policy Decisions – response to COVID-19

B4C is currently closed to casual visitors. Please email b4c@bulimbacreek.org.au or phone 3398 8003 if you need to make contact.

The following actions and responses are being enacted by the Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee Inc., in response to the changing circumstances to protect our staff, volunteers and members of the community from contracting or spreading this virus.

These actions and arrangements are for the period 23rd March to April 14th 2020. A review of the situation and the arrangements will then occur and information updated. We will be restricting activities to essential functions until at least Easter.

  1. NON-ESSENTIAL NURSERY WORK: A skeleton staff of senior volunteers will continue to operate in small numbers. Other volunteers are requested to not attend the B4C nursery, Depot or grounds.
  2. REFERRED VOLUNTEERS: Already the two referral agencies have been told not to refer any new people to B4C. The existing referred volunteers will be requested to cease any work with B4C.
  3. COMMUNITY SERVICES (Corrective Services): This program will be postponed, in consultation with CS Management. It ceased to operate from Thursday 19th March.
  4. VISITORS TO B4C SUSTAINABILITY CENTRE: We have posted a notice on the B4C website notifying the community to avoid coming to our centre or office.
  5. LANDCARE SERVICES UNIT (Field Staff and volunteers): Still operating. Seeking to achieve two people per vehicle instead of four or five. Field staff are to take all recommended precautions in contact with the public and hygiene measures at all times.
  6. OFFICE STAFF (Administration and Management): Operate as normal, for the moment. Avoid meetings or unnecessary external contact. Management and staff will seek to make viable a “work from home” contingency plan as a priority. Any staff wanting to work from home will be given due consideration, when computer and communications are feasibly established.
  7. CATCHMENT & LANDCARE SERVICES – “CONTINGENCY PLAN”: Being developed by Catchment Manager and Landcare Services Manager. Arrangements for complying with health restrictions and optimising non-contact and transmission of virus will be developed on a sliding scale to eventually address any safety actions recommended or stipulated by authorities.

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