Property reno and boom for wildlife

Bulimba Creek Environment Fund has just supported the Friends of Salvin Creek (Carina Heights) with an innovative habitat project.

The project was to kill large invasive Camphor laurels, but leave the dead and large part of the tree standing. Then in comes the professional nest hollow creators Habi-Tec. These photos show the variety of hollows that Habi-Tec have meticulously cut into the dead trees, which provide nesting hollows that are essential to our wildlife.

Target species are our native Squirrel and Sugar Gliders, Rosellas, Lorikeets, small parrots, Dollar Birds, Owls, Kingfishers, insectivorous bats, insects and Wood Ducks, to name a few.

Working with Camphor laurels’ soft timber is easier than harder woods and enables extra hollows and innovations, because of the time saving. The Camphors break down when on the ground, but dead standing stags retain their integrity, with the strong oils in the wood protecting them.

Habi-Tec, who design and construct wildlife positive infrastructure and assist Council with its Fauna Movement Solutions program, will be doing similar work at Spring Creek shortly for Habitat Brisbane.

Tree hollows are vital for our wildlife and larger trees are disappearing. That’s why the Bulimba Creek Environment Fund provided a grant to get this property boom off the ground.

Brisbane City Council and its Wipe Out Weeds and Habitat Brisbane programs are helping with new projects like the Waterway Gully at Salvin West, where beautiful giant Rainbow Ferns have been planted. Habitat Brisbane also funded the other Salvin West project of 360 plants earlier this year.

Thanks Habi-Tec for an amazing job!

Learn more about the Bulimba Creek Environment Fund and please donate if you would like to help more projects like this.

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  1. I would seriouly like more information on how these tree hollows were achieved. I live on 2 hectares in Invergowrie NSW. I would love to build nesting boxes like this. Is there any advice or instructions you can give me?
    Warmest regards

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