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  1. Hi Leigh
    I was just doing a search for some plant info and this page came up with your name at the bottom.
    It’s been a long time between drinks as they say. Di and I live on Bribie Is now and are members of Native Plants Caboolture.

  2. Andrew is a quietly spoken and dedicated environmentalist. He is part of the new wave of young people who engender hope for the future. Andrew is a specialist researcher who has been instrumental in not only saving Black Swan Lake at Bundall, but also Port of Brisbane Swan Lake at the mouth of the Brisbane River. These two wins, against the odds and against powerful forces of opposition, were underpinned by the great background research of Ray Ison and Andrew Dziedzic. Saving nature is a wonderful thing to be able to do – and it takes dedicated professionals who are willing to work in a team. I am proud of the team and of Andrew.

  3. Where and when are you holding your next planting?

  4. Yes, Black Swann Lake, tomorrow a car park then blocks of units the day after!
    Very soon we will have nothing but squalor in beautiful Queensland.
    What sort of leaders have we that are taking away beautiful things and replacing them with so called car parks.

  5. Your problem with Whites Hill has been going on for years. Access is for everyone.
    We are all “nature lovers”.
    Get over it and move on to much more important issues.
    The only remnant of mangroves I am aware of is at Porter’s paddock.
    A boardwalk was put through this a few years ago.
    However, homophobia is very much alive and it was removed buy the BCC recently.
    The cost of all this would be ~$100,000 which could have been spent on riparian weed control.

  6. I have just commented on Whites Hill.
    I realise you are onto Daisy Hill.
    That is a completely different situation.
    On this I would say any opinion you make should be evidenced based and not anecdotal.
    Are you aware of any papers where properly constructed mountain bike parks have any impact on the flora and fauna?

  7. There are several articles available online. search using mountain bike parks and flora and a NSW government article will come up.

  8. We all are aware of the environmental importance of mangroves (or at least most of us). Yes, the views without a doubt are majestic. Perhaps with input from EPA Queensland to keep it impartial, not just the councils environmental department for assessment. Australia has the highest mangrove species in the world, so let’s make sure we don’t add a further smear as what is being done with the treatment of the barrier reef.

    For the council to “consider the petition” from just six households for them to be entirely removed tells me these people are totally detached with the environment around them. Perhaps there is another agenda here, are these people on the waterfront with their views blocked? With clear views, how will this affect their property value? Sounds like short term gain for a few, long term pain for all and the environment.

    Another thing to consider is the mangroves were here well before we set foot here, sounds like a mindset that still has not changed. How about putting it to the public?

    Mangroves role is not to block views, its growing and supporting life as is the bayside supporting life as we know it. Do we have mutual respect? The Bayside has a wonderful environment and lifestyle. How would we feel with developers moving in to replace our waterfront views with high rise apartments?

    What about a paradigm shift. What could be done to enhance views to public without clearing? Further walkways? Raised platforms amongst the mangroves?

    There’s a viewing platform amongst the side of the hill facing the water between Lota and Manly. Great views, (could use a clearer access point so public can notice it). How many people know about it?

  9. I’ve mountain biked at daisy hill and many other places for almost 20 years and all (yes multiple) the koalas I’ve bumped into out riding didn’t give two sh!ts about us being there? Structured mtb parks spend heaps of time on landcare, erosion and park maintenance? If they weren’t there, riders would just ride illegally anyway? It’s an Olympic sport after all.

  10. it is a massive 6 residence think they can hold back nature. Sad that anyone would want to destroy the lungs of the bay. Selfish selfish selfish. The bay has a hard enough time cleaning itself after humans, now you want to take down the bays only filtration system. Very QLD. Backward.

  11. There is much debate about the history of mangroves in the Wynnum/Lota area and I am not sure what is true and what isn’t. I think a small area at Lota park might be cleared but I can’t imagine widespread clearing. There would be a national outcry!

  12. Philippa Gibson

    I can’t believe they are going to develop this beautiful area of bushland to put a bl00dy Mosque up, they will rip out all the trees and put concrete in as they do. What about the wildlife in there?
    The traffic coming in and out will be horrendous and it is also on a hill, makes it even worse. Does this link up to the back of Warrigal Farms?
    Please do something about stopping this monstrosity.

  13. Love your video. Nice images and interesting stories.

  14. How does this get approved? Who does the study to ascertain the impact on our wildlife? What can we do to get it changed? Sorry for all the questions. It also looks so ugly.

  15. Above map is a little hard to read (the legend. So this is the colours you see . . .
    Red: Privately owned Sport & Recreation lands = 23%

    Blue: Council owned Sport and Recreation lands = 77% (including waterway corridors.

    Light Green: Parklands

    Dark Green: Conservation Reserves

  16. council should be happy to have a tranquil area in this mad metropolis. Too many developers are in this town. You, the council, should remember the reasons why you were elected. By the people who live here, not only now, but for all those years when we were the envy of the nation, not a concrete jungle.

  17. These areas need to be saved . We need our parks and lakes for our wonderful bird life . And for our own sanity to get away from the busy traffic and towns . These need to be protected for generations to come .Many of our Tourists come to visit these places . Please don’t destroy our lakes and wildlife . Too much wild life is being destroyed . What will we leave behind for the future if we destroy everything

  18. Workplace Health & Safety Dept not only has responsibility for on site conditions, but for those of the surrounding areas as a result of conditions/work on the work site. Because of the fires and exploding asbestos, neighbours can contact the State department and insist in an investigation as the asbestos goes up into the air with the flames, heat & smoke, and falls on to surrounding areas. Have you contacted the Environmental Protection Agency as well, Wayne?

  19. The outstanding issues are:
    1. Demolition of the site and the security of the site
    2. Investigation of the potential contamination of the site from asbestos burning. This has been stifled by TriCare refusing to lodge a complaint with the Police. Therefore they don’t have to investigate the arson or the aftermath?
    3. On-going impacts from poor land-use and degradation of Salvin Creek. At present herbicide spray near Creek Rd and the denuded creek banks are making a joke of Brisbane City Council’s Waterways Management obligations.

    A PROPOSAL: Friends of Salvin Creek to become more than a Habitat Group. To care for our long-suffering, but beautiful area and seek to improve our environment and lifestyles. This is what we will move to do now, because people DO CARE!

  20. Is anyone aware of any data regarding open/green space in Brisbane and how this has changed over the last decade?
    It is my intuitive feel that green space is under pressure from various developments but I am unable to find any data. In order to advance the discussion it would be good to have some hard data.

  21. Awesome Bernice mentioned this property how crucial it was. Hopefully we can work to protect our koala habitat in Bellbird park eg restore the corridor. A koala reserve sanctuary. Would be beneficial. We know there are koalas have video photographic evidence woogaroo scrob also listed as historical but it seems ipswich council have sold it out to developers.

  22. We love Mimosa Creek. The Roly Chapman Reserve runs behind our back fence.

    But…and it is a huge but…we are so disappointed at the huge volume of Singapore daisy growing absolutely out of control along the creek banks and even in the creek.

    Is there something the BCC can do or support you in eradicating this noxious week?

  23. The Map: The Red area extends beyond the initially cleared 1.3ha. The whole Conservation southern buffer of Gibson Island (owned by Dept of Natural Resources and Mines) is about 6.5ha. So there is much to do in the years ahead.
    The Green stars show projects completed by B4C in the past. included are Hemmant Flying Fox Colony, The Oxbow Wetlands, Oxbow South, Bill Benham Reserve and Doboy Parade’s Hemmant Recreation Reserve. No rest for the wicked!

  24. This is a brilliant example of Industry and Environment Groups working together to rehabilitate previously drastically disturbed land as habitat for endemic flora and fauna. A consequential outcome is a more pleasant landscape for the health and social benefit of people.

  25. No, No, No! The whole area is not big enough to allow sufficient genetic diversity as it is. Reducing it even further with a big chunk taken out in the middle along with road access is more problematic than taking a section from the edge.

  26. Councils and governments just can’t help themselves, always wanting to clear old trees or bushland for various spurious reasons. They should read the article “Little Left To Lose: Deforestation & Forest Degradation in Australia since European Colonization”, then they might realize that there really is very little bushland left to lose, particularly around Brisbane.

  27. I’m very disappointed that the Labor Party is considering this destruction.

    It seems more of an LNP money hungry, despite the consequences policy.

    • Yes, me too. I agree it sounds more LNP …how disappointing that Labor is proposing this.

    • Money hungry labor, what’s new, how about franking credits for seniors being axed. Of course labor is money hungry. They have lost my vote at all levels of government and I was a rusted on labor supporter since I could vote in 1958. The Belmont land grab is more of the same.

  28. I cannot believe this state government cares so little for conservation and our native wildlife.

  29. What a disgrace. Greed is killing Australia. When will the powers that be be happy? When there’s no bush, native animals or reef left. Shame on you

  30. I am extremely disappointed by the plan to remove vital trees for koalas from Belmont for such non-essential services. How will the government feel when one of our national icons becomes extinct? Please reconsider.

  31. The whole world is threatened by greed and the first to suffer are the innocent animals and insects ..we are a doomed race …nature will get its revenge …so sad,but evil is currently winning .

  32. This is abuse of power at it’s worst. Other species deserve space and protection also… humans are not the only species on this planet. There is little enough green space as it is without needlessly destroying more.

  33. The farmers are not allowed to clear their land. Government of Qld what is the difference? Leave some land for the native life please!

  34. Not acceptable and what are we doing to our very own native wild life? Where do we expect them to go? Haven’t we already taken enough homes from our wildlife?!!!!
    Stop being greedy for money

  35. ?? Sounds like a petition is needed!!

    • We are publishing a petition online very soon. However people really need to make submissions as that is what the department will be referring to.

  36. What a disgrace. Greed is killing Australia. When will the powers that be be happy? When there’s no bush, native animals or reef left. Shame on you

  37. Our loss of wildlife is due to one thing only -LOSS OF HABITAT! Leave the few existing remnants alone and the wildlife has a chance. Preserve the habitat the we have and add to it. For once, leave the money out of the equation and concentrate on what’s important. Save our bush, save our wildlife.
    That way, you might save your government from extinction also!

  38. We need to leave some bush for these native animals, and some trees and grasslands..The level of greed for continuous development places our whole way of life in jeopardy

  39. New gun range willl make the Belmont Range the best in the World …

  40. No more destruction of any bush or forest. Must stop this madness.

  41. Yet another example of State Government breaching the public trust. No consultation! Why would anyone want to ask them to set aside land in protected covenants for the sake of safeguarding habitat for willdife, when they do things like this. It is clear, that governments at all levels in this country cannot be trusted. This infuriates so many. This display of arrogant power will see them lose their jobs.. They have already lost the public trust. That is not something to be ignored.

  42. Denise Ravenscroft

    What is this about increased gunshot noise? Is this a shooting range?

  43. Denise Ravenscroft

    not taking my comments?

  44. We cannot continue to rape and pillage our natural environment, particularly for purely recreational purposes. We need this green space! This is just another nail in the coffin our of own extinction – we are tipping the balance of nature and it will not be in our favour. I will be basing my vote this election on environmental policies. Beware politicians, there is a ground swell of people who are doing the same. If you want to keep your jobs, it would be prudent to listen!

  45. 2 or 3ha of existing use plus the 5.4 ha of new clearing plus the 2ha mysteriously cleared in 2017 plus another 7 or 8 ha of (buffer). Together this is a very large development in sensitive public bushland. Its hard to believe its all just a ministerial tick away. No transparency, no explanation, no review process – just like in the Russ Hinze days. And as for the EIS, I would have believed it more if a few more canetoads were found.

  46. STOP destroying Koalas habitats, don’t destroy their habitat at Belmount Koala Forest, Koalas have no where to go because of greedy development, Say NO to clearing of Koalas habitats!!!. protect our Koalas Australia’s icon…

  47. Look at our priorities – what IS more important to our day to day life. Look out for everyone – please keep as much as possible for green, nature areas.

  48. What a bloody joke they are endangered species leave it alone greedy governments

  49. Can signatures be collected against the clearing of the Belmont Rifle Range I can’t see that many submissions would be made but a simple collection of signatures would get more response.

    • Hi Kim, we’re just about to publish an online petition. But people really need to make submissions as that is what the department will be referring to.

  50. Brisbane City Council’s April recess, Civic Cabinet 2 May 2017 put this into Google. it will give you the original support for land acquisition and the “$60 million in buying bushland in the Chandler Ward—so I’ll say that again, $60 million in buying bushland in the Chandler Ward”.
    There are several wards across the city where there’s been big concentrations of the acquisition of bushland. Obviously Chandler is one of them, These acquisitions are all about buying land along corridors that link in together, buying land that’s adjacent to existing Council land, and it’s a great outcome not just for the local area but for the whole city.Now this land is obviously not something that will ever be developed now because it’s been purchased and preserved. It will remain a green space and bushland reserve forever. But if this land was to be developed—I’m speaking theoretically—it could be potentially carved up for between 130 and 160 house blocks. So that’s the size of land we’re talking about.
    But we will never see 130 and 160 house blocks on this land. It will be protected for the community. It’ll be protected for the benefit of local wildlife as a key part of the green space to the eastern suburbs of the city.
    So very happy to support this acquisition as part of the overall Bushland Acquisition Program.

  51. Stop this senseless destruction. We need to protect all the bushland around brisbane we can. Ipswich is destroying the bushland for housing and the heat out there is unbearable. Brisbane is the only green treed city in Australia and this should be the protected at all cost. We need this natural habitat for our wildlife. It also helps with rain fall and shade. Only the most stupid will continue clearing. The state Australia is in we need to protect all green areas and replant every spare plots that we can. We need to get intelligent people into planning of our city for the future.

  52. Good work Wayne. Northern Catchments Network and Cabbage Tree Creek Catchment Committee thank you for continuing the good work.

  53. Hi. I would love to know how this trial goes! (:

  54. Concil Must require this club to put nature before profit.
    Surely there is a happy conclusion that can be achieved.

  55. I have just heard about your group and when the restrictions are lifted, I look forward to visiting your nursery. I live in Tarragindi, and my water flows into Bulimba Creek.

  56. The club has done extensive work to protect as much of the koala friendly trees as possible. Really think we all need to let common sense prevail and stop hindering the pacific club from getting on with this development. The reality is, without this development , the club will battle to survive, what then??

  57. There’s koalas in established trees and it is beyond me the arrogance you greedy people have to destroy the last bit of natural habitat available to these beautiful creatures native to this country! Stop being so self serving! Have some decency and leave the trees there, your selfishness is revolting!

  58. Wayne Evans Cameron

    There is another local fauna movement solution supported by Council at Boundary Rd, Camp Hill. It links Whites Hill to the Finger Gullies Bushcare areas to the west. Also linking Bulimba and Norman Creek catchments. An excellent outcome to address roadkill of wildlife – particularly koalas. A great Bushcare Group at Finder Gullies is the instigators – well done!

  59. Great work team. I hope those paperbarks are protected

  60. A big thank you to all who participated on this Anniversary Planting Day. A special thanks to Incitec Pivot and APA Group, who were the sponsors of the event and of works going into 2021. For those who could not make it because of issues like Covid policy, we send a welcoming message for our next big event on November 4, 2020. That will round off events for 2020, as December and January may be time to retreat to our air-conditioners!

    Glenn Poynter’s interview shows that Industry has values that benefit us all, and we thank him.

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