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Minnippi Greenspace Regeneration Stage One

Help a special spot in nature

Your payment of $24.60 will fund a 2×2 metres space to be cared for one year. The works will include weeding, planting, watering, mulching and monitoring. The plantings will mainly be sedges (and also some trees) to facilitate the rehabilitation of the wetland around the lake.

The area marked in blue is the area that you can fund and make a real practical difference!

Wetlands are some of the most biodiverse environments in the world. They produce significant ecosystem services by maintaining diverse water bird populations and purifying run-off waters. However, wetlands and their bird populations are threatened by intensified land use and the results of the degradation of water systems, such as overgrowth and eutrophication. The poor condition of wetlands has in turn led to the decline of wetland bird populations. According to Professor Richard Kingston from the University of NSW, waterbird population has fallen as much as 90 per cent in Australia’s east over the past 40 years.

Funders as at 11th September 2021

Friends of Position One Property

Brain and Carol
– Coffs Harbour, NSW

– London, UK

– New Farm, QLD

Stacey and Loris
– Los Angeles, USA

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