B4C Nature Space

B4C Nature SpaceB4C Nature Space, part of the B4C Environment Program, is a voluntary scheme which aims to establish and manage vegetation on private land, and assist landholders in creating, protecting and restoring habitats for wildlife on their properties.

The B4C Nature Space agreement:

  • is legally non-binding
  • does not alter the legal status of the property in any way
  • does not convey the right of public access
  • does not make the property an official wildlife sanctuary

Landholders make a voluntary, personal commitment to the program. If the property changes ownership then the new landholder will need to apply for registration in the program. The landholder and the property will remain part of B4C Nature Space until the objectives of the program can no longer be upheld. The landholder can withdraw from the program at any time.

Why retain bushland on private land?

Did you know that over 70% of bushland in south-east Queensland is privately owned and managed? Did you also know that 2/3 of our bushland has already been cleared? SEQ is home to both rare and threatened plants and animals. Private landholders can make a difference in the survival of our wildlife and protection of our remnant bushland.

What level of involvement or commitment is needed?

The program is tailored for landholders in the Bulimba Creek Catchment. We recognise that each landholder will have differing levels of interest and capacity for participation. Therefore, the B4C Nature Space program offers various levels of involvement and commitment depending on where you live and how involved you wish to be. These can be negotiated between the B4C and the landholder.

Become a B4C Nature Space Landholder

Becoming a member of the program involves:

  • the dedication of an area of the property to establish native vegetation and habitat;
  • working with an agreed landscape plan;
  • membership in the Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee Inc.
  • spreading the word about B4C Nature Space; placement of a small sign at the front of the property;
  • assisting where possible with pest management of plantings at another landholder’s property.


What are the benefits of habitat protection and restoration to the landowner?

The B4C Nature Space program can assist with expert advice and plans for

  • habitat landscapes and features
  • erosion and sediment control
  • exotic weed control and eradication

B4C Nature Space properties can also get plants from our Community Nursery at less than commercial costs.

Some properties could also be eligible for on-ground assistance from our work teams and volunteers.

Join B4C Nature Space

Contact us to register your interest in becoming part of the B4C Nature Space program.

We will arrange to visit you on your property and decide together on the scale of involvement which best suits. A site plan and agreement will need to be completed.

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