Wayne the wombat


Wayne the wombat would make a great addition to any home.


He is a great conversation starter for the plight of Aussie wildlife. Wombats live in burrows that can be up to 30 metres long and they may share these with other wombats but are very territorial with their feeding grounds. Wombats usually stay in their burrows during the day and normally come out at night to feed. However, they can be seen out early in the morning and at dusk and they’ll travel up to 3 kilometres a night looking for food. Habitat loss and competition for food with introduced herbivores – rabbits, cattle, sheep and goats – are some of the biggest threats for wombats. All species are now protected across Australia, except in Victoria, where Bare-nosed Wombats are still regarded as an “agricultural pest”.

Made from upholstery sample. Felt ears.

34cm long, 24cm high.

Not suitable for small children as buttons can be a choking hazard.


This wombat is pick-up only. We will soon provide Australia-wide delivery (like most of our other items) when we finalise some more suitable packaging options for larger items like Wayne the wombat.


Pattern by Funky Friends Factory.
The Carindale Boomerang Bags team regularly donates to the Bulimba Creek Environment Fund. And they love raising awareness for wildlife. They are not registered for GST.

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