Ace Guide to Eucalypts – Brisbane | By Roderick Fensham

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Eucalypts are the dominant lifeform throughout the bushland reserves of the Brisbane City Council area and the ACE Guide to Eucalypts Brisbane is a user-friendly way to get to know the local gum trees. The pocket guide is for the people of Brisbane to appreciate and understand their natural environment. It’s designed to be used by school children, anyone who appreciates a walk in the bush and expert naturalists.


This 48 page pocket guide is illustrated with high resolution colour photographs of the leaves, flowers and bark of the 37 eucalypt trees that are local to Brisbane. There’s a map of Brisbane nature reserves and a list of species found in them. It includes a summary of Aboriginal uses of eucalypts.


The guide’s author, Dr Rod Fensham is a botanist at the University of Queensland and the Queensland Herbarium with a broad experience researching Australian flora and vegetation. View a segment with Rod Fensham on Gardening Australia (2016).


Published 2021. Printed by Harding Colour, Brisbane

Layout: Miya Valmadre-McCrae, Sjoerd van Ooort
Contribution to photography: Teghan Collingwood
Contribution to design: Rob Wiltshire (EucaFlip, Tasmania)
Map: Boris Laffienur
Botanical advice: Tony Bean
Linguistic advice: Sylvia Haworth

For John Long

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