Rakali bag


The rakali, Hydromys chrysogaster (water rat) is a definite conversation starter. And you won’t find many bags around with this special creature on it!


Leaf design on one side, green the other.  Felt rakali on patch (not a pocket).


You may have seen an otter-looking rakali swimming around a creek or scurrying along the edge of the waterway.


The rakali is a special Australian species. Like the platypus, it is a semi-aquatic mammal that relies on freshwater waterways for food and shelter. This lifestyle means the rakali is threatened by encroaching urbanisation around waterways and the suite of impacts that follow. Freshwater systems are under a lot of pressure. People power is crucial to preventing further unsustainable development in these sensitive environmental areas. Your local backyard and the native species that live there need your voice to help protect their homes.

– Wildlife Queensland PlatypusWatch Project Officer, Tamielle Brunt.


The Carindale Boomerang Bags team regularly donates to the Bulimba Creek Environment Fund. They are not registered for GST.

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