Unpaper towels – ladybirds set of 2


Say no to throw-away cloths, wipes and paper towels and YES to attractive reuasable “unpaper towels”.


Vibrant green towelling one side, attractive ladybug on the other. With a handy loop to put it on a hook. The unpaper towel is a great gift!

We were delighted to receive a big roll of thick surplus towelling. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Wash and reuse. Set of 2 –  have one on the go while the other is being washed/dried.
29cm x 29cm.

“Unpaper towels” are also in stock at our office in Carindale (Mon-Fri, 7.30am-3pm).


Did you know?
There are four common garden species of ladybird (or ladybugs) in Australia. They’re voracious predators of aphids, scale insects and mites. Adults will consume around 2,500 aphids during their life.


The ‘Remade at B4C’ team regularly donates to the Bulimba Creek Environment Fund.

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