‘Vibrant garden’ utensil pocket


Cute pockets for your utensils, art supplies and more. Made from gorgeous fabric donated by Spell.


The ‘vibrant garden’ utensil pockets make great gifts or to keep in your bag for various items such as BYO cutlery.

The design features birds and flowers with a palette of vibrant pinks, yellows and blues.

They are a light polyester stretchy “as new” fabric.

Approximately 45cm long and 9cm wide (shorter when top is tied).


We are extremely proud of our connection with SPELL who care deeply about the environment and ethics. They chose to donate sample and remnant fabric to us, ensuring that it did not end up in landfill. We upcycle it into throws, table runners and bags. Keep an eye on our website as more items are being added with these special donations from SPELL.

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