Birds – vintage book by Judith Wright (1968)


Australian birds seen through the poet’s eye against a background of country and township. Poetry by Judith Wright. With Annette Macarthur-Onslow’s skillful and evocative illustrations.

First published in 1962 by Angus & Robertson. Reprinted in 1968.

Featuring the Brown Bird, Black Cockatoos, Rainbow-bird, Black Swans, Night Herons, Lyrebirds, Satin Bower-birds, Brush Turkey, The Koel, Extinct Birds, Dotterel and Lory.

“Judith Wright composed these poems for her teenage daughter, Meeredith – and through her, for other teenagers. This, then, is primarily a collection of poems for young people between the worlds of childhood and maturity.” (printed inside cover).


While the outside cover is well-worn, the inside pages are in good condition. The name “Anson” has been written in pen inside.

The Carindale textile upcyclers regularly donate to the Bulimba Creek Environment Fund. They are not registered for GST.

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