Nature reserves for nature

Council off-road cycling strategy would undo aims of the greenspace network and the bushland levies.

Squirrel Glider. Whites Hill Reserve.

“More than 4300 hectares of land have been purchased and protected through Council’s Bushland Acquisition Program since 1990. The preservation and management of biodiversity within Brisbane’s natural areas is of vital importance.”

Brisbane City Council 2020

“Bushland Preservation Levy Brisbane residents and businesses contribute to protecting Brisbane’s most significant natural assets. This is done through payment of the Bushland Preservation Levy in their rates account. Brisbane City Council uses the levy for the Bushland Acquisition program to protect and enhance Brisbane’s natural environment.”

Brisbane City Council 2020

“The ‘Greenspace System’ has also ensured that 40 per cent of mainland Brisbane has been set aside as natural habitat.”

Brisbane City Plan

Concerns for nature and community regarding the draft strategy include:

  • No proof of assessing increased environmental impacts of off-road cycling
  • No erosion assessment
  • No core habitat mapping
  • No impact assessment for increased noise and the physical risks of mixed use tracks
  • No reserves marked as prohibited
  • Fails to commit to eliminate illegal and damaging off-road track construction
  • Fails to provide increased enforcement for illegal uses
  • Fails to demonstrate that this strategy will protect the primary purpose of conservation reserves and other vital greenspace assets.
  • Furthermore, in the City Plan, the Greenspace System elements, like natural area reserves and other high value natural areas, are there to primarily protect nature and biodiversity.
  • Higher impact off road recreational and sporting activities should happen in specifically funded areas outside of our key natural green space assets.
swamp wallaby, Whites Hill Reserve
Swamp Wallaby. Whites Hill Reserve.

It is called a Bushland levy, not a sports levy, nor a business levy.

We are putting together a submission and will share this with you.

What can you do?

  • Become familiar with the Draft Brisbane Off-Road Cycling Strategy (PDF)
  • Questions about impacts on nature?
    Contact us on to discuss.
  • Let your local councillor know about your opposition to destruction in nature reserves.
  • Have your say on the Draft Brisbane Off-Road Cycling Strategy by 11.59pm on 28 February 2021.

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