Aged Care Amendment

We need everyone who values Brisbane’s greenspace and lifestyle to let the Hon Jackie Trad (Minister for Transport & Minister for Infrastructure and Planning), as well as their local State Member, know that they support the refusal of the proposed City Plan ‘Aged Care Amendment’.

There’s an immediate threat to our greenspace network from Brisbane City Council’s plan to amend City Plan – Aged Care Amendments.

The amendments will lead to the diminishing of urban green space by allowing urban development (Aged care facilities) in Sport and Recreation zoned lands, with potentially no public appeal rights for the community.

The State Government has the power and responsibility to prevent this damaging amendment from taking place.

The amendment has been passed by BCC and is now on the State Minister’s table waiting for State Government approval/rejection. This is where we can stop this disaster from happening!

Please contact:
– Hon Jackie Trad (07) 3719 7100 /
– Your local State Member.

B4C’s submission: 
Submission by B4C sent to the Hon Jackie Trad – 6th September (PDF)

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