B4C Landcare Services

We provide services such as site rehab plans & costing, weed control, planting, watering, erosion control, site preparation and mowing.

Our environmental contractors perform ecologically sensitive rehabilitation works on all landscapes in Brisbane and beyond.

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B4C Knowledge Services – research & citizen science


We can provide reports, site surveys and studies to; scope and evaluate innovative restoration, rehabilitation and monitoring techniques. We are skilled in citizen science and community involvement in our site surveys and studies. B4C can help with sites and areas both small and large, from properties to whole of landscape in coastal, terrestrial and aquatic environments.

B4C Community Engagement Services


We are expert in promoting, organising and running community engagement events. These include corporate volunteer days, tree plantings, catchment tours, school and university field events and environmental displays. We are a host for labour market and community service programs. 

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