Take this Book for a Walk | By Paula Peeters

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Take this Book for a Walk is a step-by-step guide to nature journaling, written in a friendly, simple style for kids and adults. It includes 33 nature journaling activities and many samples of my own nature journals for encouragement and inspiration. Printed on high-quality ‘colouring book’ paper, Take this Book for a Walk is designed for you to draw and write directly into the book to create your own unique nature journal.

Take this Book for a Walk and discover your own personal response to nature.
The journey begins with nature, a pencil, a page and you. But so many treasures await!

Slow down and observe nature, and feel yourself becoming calmer and more connected to place.
Think analytically to explore how nature works, and fire up your curiosity to learn more.
Use your imagination to view the world from a bug’s perspective, to dream up stories, and to reflect on your own memories.
Explore your creativity by using colours, shapes and lines to respond to what you see and hear.

A nature journal is your conversation with nature. Enjoy!


Paula is a good friend of Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee. She has run nature journaling workshops here and helps people to connect with their local environment in a positive way.

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