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Set of 6 plants.  Shrubs are all small, insect attracting and provide habitat for wildlife, if planted in multiples. A hardy collection of sun lovers, but can take partial shade. Heights are genuinely low, with only Senna 2m. For a small garden to maximise space and habitat value.


Pack features:


  • Acacia ulicifolia Prickly Moses or Juniper Wattle. Descriptions: Occurs in mountain heaths, coastal species. A low branched prickly shrub 0.5m-1.0m high. Small scattered leaves. Flowers are light yellow or cream balls.
    Wildlife: A potential nest site for small birds. Attracts night-feeding moths, hoverflies and native bees.
  • Senna aciphylla – Sprawling Cassia, Australian Senna. 30mm yellow flowers Spring to Summer. Non obtrusive. Tolerates moderate wind, light frost. Suits bush, coastal cottage and Mediterranean and tropical designs.
    Wildlife: Small Grass-yellow Butterfly, also native bees and hoverflies. Day feeder.
  • Austromyrtus dulcis – Midyim Berry. 0.5m high attractive form with an edible speckled grey berry. Flowers Spring to Autumn, small white colour. Used in rockeries and likes sandy soil, good drainage.
    Wildlife: Moths, Hoverflies, Native Bees. Birds and Skinks eat berries, including Silvereye, Lewin’s Honeyeater, Blue Tongue Skink. Good habitat cover for ground dwelling fauna.
  • Westringia fruiticosa Coastal Rosemary. Coastal species to 1.2m and dense. Planted as an ornamental or hedge. White flowers, attractive.
    Wildlife: Night feeding moths, hoverflies, native bees. Good dense habitat for small birds and lizards
  • Hovea acutifolia – Pointed-leaved Hovea. A slender feature plant to 2m with purple flowers in Spring. Common in Greater Brisbane in moist gullies and protected areas, but hardy, once established.
    Wildlife: Birds attracted to flowers and seeds. Insects include native bees and hoverflies.
  • Hardenbergia violacea – Native Sarsaparilla. Small scrambling twiner, mainly prostrate and sometimes small shrub-like to 60cm high. Attractive purple pea-flower, Spring and Autumn. Widespread on sandy or stoney soils in Brisbane area.
    Wildlife: Eastern Spinebill, leaves eaten by Common Grass-blue Butterfly.


Note re landscaping in rockeries and gardens. These plants can be backdrop to smaller plants at the first stage of raising height profile. Can be planted with groundcovers and also clumping plants (i.e. Dianella) for effect. For maximum refuge cover for wildlife, multiples planted close can provide good refuge for small birds and other smaller wildlife. All insect attracting with white flowering species best to avoid the Noisy Miners and attracting night pollinating insects.


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