Speak out

B4C and our environment depend on community members who speak out.

You can write to the relevant people to lend your support to protecting the environments that are currently under threat.

Current campaigns:

  • Port of Brisbane Lake – SUCCESS! Find out more.
  • Clearing at Queensport Rocks Park – Illegal excavation and tree clearing occurred at Queensport Rocks Park, Murarrie. See the photos and our letter to councillor Matthew Bourke.

Every day actions to speak up for the environment:

Send objection letters
If you become aware of development, or changes happening in your neighbourhood and believe it will have negative consequences for the environment or community, make your voice heard. Objection letters should be addressed to both the Lord Mayor and your local Councillor.

Make an incident report
If you see an incident, please report it to the relevant authorities. Generally, the best place to start is your local council. Brisbane City Council’s contact number is (07) 3403 8888.

Contact a pollie
One of the most important things you can do for the environment is to ensure that all of your local political representatives know that the environment matters to you, and that you are aware of the policies and actions of government. While the thought of talking to your local member may feel daunting, good politicians actually enjoy hearing from their constituents, and it is an important part of living in a democracy.

Find out which electorate you are enrolled in here. Then, find the name and contact details of your Federal representative, State/Territory representative, and local representative by visiting the federal or state electoral commission website.

This page on lobbying, by Electronic Frontiers Australia, provides great tips for contacting your politician, and effective ways of getting their attention. Please read it if you would like advice on the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ of contacting your representatives.

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