Weed Control

B4C Landcare Services uses combinations of manual, mechanical and chemical weed control methods with an emphasis on environmentally friendly practices for sustainable and long term solutions. We aim to minimise negative effects to vegetation, waterways and fauna.

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Weeding techniques

Manual removal

This technique is mainly used for areas that would be sensitive to chemical or mechanical treatment. Waterways, riparian zones and new plantings are highly sensitive to chemical use; therefore manual removal of weed species is preferable to maintain the health of our waterways, existing vegetation and new plantings. While manually removing weeds can be the most time consuming and labour intensive option, it can provide one of the best long-term outcomes.


Mechanical weed control methods, using machinery like brush-cutters, mowers and slashers can be great for initially clearing areas as well as staying on top of fast growing weeds. It’s an excellent option for suppressing weeds that you don’t want completely removed, e.g grasses that are getting out of control but are also suppressing other weeds. Mechanical methods can be used in combination with chemical control to reduce the amount of herbicides needed and greatly reduce the chance of spray drift and over-spraying.


Chemical control provides a very time and cost effective weed solution. B4C uses a variety of herbicide application methods from foliar spraying to direct application to trunks/stems, in conjunction with manual and mechanical methods for an ideal outcome in natural areas. B4C’s licensed field crew use a range of herbicides to eliminate even the hardiest of weeds. With backpack sprayers and a vehicle mounted quick-spray unit, weeds can be killed in hard to access and large areas.

Integrated management

Combining revegetation with weed control to provide permanent solutions

This involves planting native species to suppress and out-compete weeds. Whenever invasive vegetation is removed, it’s always preferable to replace with native vegetation to reduce the amount of control required in the future.

weed infestation of Cat's Claw Creeper, Balloon Vine and Purple Succulent.
Removal of weed infestation of Cat's Claw Creeper, Balloon Vine and Purple Succulent.

Pictured above:
Sisters of Mercy Nudgee, Brisbane: Massive infestation of Cat’s Claw Creeper, Balloon Vine and Purple Succulent. Combination of foliar spraying and cut and pasting (direct application to stem).

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