Open Days

On the first Saturday of every month (except January) we hold an open day at our Sustainability Centre in Carindale.

Michelle Gleeson at open day

Michelle Gleeson – entomologist & director of BugsEd. April 2016 Open Day.

The Open Day starts at 9am. Grab a cuppa and check out the native plant nursery. There’s a presentation at 9.30am for approximately one hour. Each month there is a different speaker (paid by our environment fund) on an environmental and/or sustainability issue. Following that we have a yummy morning tea! And enjoy a tour of the community gardens.

The event is normally finished by 12pm.

We’d love to see you here!

2018 Scheduled Open Day Guest Presenters

  • Saturday September 1st: Dr Elisa Bayraktarov. Ecologist. Threatened Species Recovery Hub. University of QLD. Talking about threatened species.
  • Saturday October 6th: Jennifer Firn. PhD. Associate Professor – School of Science & Engineering (QUT). Editor in Chief of ‘Ecology & Evolution’. Talking about ecosystems.


Previous Open Day Guest Presenters:

  • August 2018: Hyahno Moser, Program Manager with Nature Play QLD. Talking about developing a love of nature in children and nature as brain food.
  • July 2018: Tamielle Brunt, Wildlife Queensland Ecologist & PhD candidate, University of Queensland. Talking about platypuses.
  • June 2018: Jutta Godwin, Cubberla-Witton Catchments Network & QLD Mycological Society, talking about the world of fungi.
  • May 2018: Meg Edwards, PhD Researcher from Hidden Vale Wildlife Centre (UQ) presented on her bandicoots research.
  • April 2018: Ray Ison (Brisbane Catchments Network & many other groups) spoke about Orangutans.
  • March 2018: Robert Whyte, citizen scientist, photographer and co-author of ‘A Field Guide to Spiders of Australia’ spoke about spiders.
  • February 2018: Revel Pointon, Solicitor, Environmental Defenders Office, QLD, talking about law and the environment.

2017 Open Day Guest Presenters:

  • February: Jessie Cappadonna, QUT PhD student & management committee member of Australian Citizen Science Association, re citizen science.
  • March: Australians for Dolphins’ Jordan Sosnowski.
  • April: Andrew Stovell, Arborist, talking about habitat trees.
  • May: Anne Cleary, Environmental Scientist at Griffith Uni. Re health and well-being through nature connection.
  • June: Sustainability Consultant Jane Milburn of Textile Beat talking about waste, sustainability and the slow clothing movement.
  • July: All about squirrel gliders! With B4C’s Rachael Williams and Stefan Hattingh and Naomi from Geckoes Wildlife who brought a range of Aussie critters including a squirrel glider.
  • August: Robert Pekin of Food Connect Foundation / Food Connect founder told us about the challenges and opportunities in providing sustainable and local food production and consumption.
  • September: Professor Robert Capon (biologist) re the Cane Toad Challenge told us about the cane toad tadpole trapping technology that uses toad pheromone to lure toad tadpoles into a trap.
  • October: Green Dean spoke about longevity and how food and gardening habits in various countries and cultures impacts how (and how long) we live.
  • November: Leigh Weakley, B4C Nursery Manager re designing your garden for water efficiency, pollinator-friendliness and more.
  • December: John Moss of Native Plants QLD talked about Mistletoe.

2016 Open Day Guest Presenters:

  • February: Jock Mackenzie from Mangrove Watch at JCU / Tropwater gave us a presentation on local mangroves and issues regarding the condition of our wetlands.
  • March: A fermented food presentation, demo and tasting by Roslyn and Mario Bono.
  • April: A presentation on bugs by entomologist and director of BugsEd, Michelle Gleeson. There was also some insect-inspired original artworks on display by artist Martine Lloyd.
  • May: A presentation on natural resource management by Andrew Davidson, winner of the Catchment Care Luminary Award.
  • June: Dean Bleasdale, AKA ‘Green Dean’, gave us a presentation on ‘urban farming’ and his recent trip to Korea.
  • July: Mike Fox of Pollinator Link & Mt Gravatt Environment Group gave us a presentation on Pollinator Link and got locals signed up to the program.
  • August: Professor Darryl Jones, Griffith University, on “fauna movement in Brisbane”.
  • September: Viridian Energy talking about their sustainability projects
  • October: Paula Peeters – ecologist, artist & writer talking about ‘nature journaling’
  • November: Gail Allsop spoke about and demonstrated natural solutions with herbs, essential oils & plant uses.
  • December: Debbie Pointing, President of Koala Action Group.

For more events, check out our events page.

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