Brisbane’s Open Space Under Threat – Council could set a devastating precedent

Pacific Golf Club

Sports & Recreation zone – Pacific Golf Club, Carindale

Brisbane City Council seems to be proposing amendments to City Plan, which would lead to the diminishing of urban green space by allowing urban development (Aged care facilities) in Sport and Recreation zoned lands, with potentially no public appeal rights for the community.

The ecological sustainability of Brisbane relies on the maintenance and expansion of its green space networks. Sport and recreation lands are already under pressure to cater for a growing population, for instance. This proposal can only have a negative effect on these vital networks and result in less open space and less recreational access for the wider community.

This appears to be directly against current community, citywide and regional planning open space priorities.

The Qld State Government must ensure that urban development should be restricted to appropriate areas outside of urban green space. These amendments should fail State Interest checks for the protection of open space and the appropriate regulation of urban development.

These amendments, if approved by Council and implemented, will set a devastating precedent for the protection of open space in Brisbane and the wider region.

From the BCC Fact Sheet on City Plan Amendments relating to Aged Care Facilities:

“Council is proposing to identify potential opportunities for the co-location of retirement facilities and aged care facilities on privately owned sport and recreation zoned land.”
“Council is proposing to achieve this by changing the category of assessment to code assessment, where meeting specific criteria in the following zones.
• Community facilities (Major health care zone precinct and Community purposes zone precinct)….”

Council details of the “Aged Care Amendments” . . .

Mik Petter
(Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee Inc.)

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  1. Is anyone aware of any data regarding open/green space in Brisbane and how this has changed over the last decade?
    It is my intuitive feel that green space is under pressure from various developments but I am unable to find any data. In order to advance the discussion it would be good to have some hard data.

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