Salvin Creek suffering from development stalling

Salvin CreekThe derelict buildings, left for years by TriCare at Carina Heights, finally provided the disaster that local residents have feared.


A fire burned out one of the buildings on the night of Saturday 4th November. On Sunday 5th November white foam was recorded in the local creek system adjacent to the site.

The foam has been sampled, photographed and videoed by locals.

A Brisbane City Council investigation into the pollution is now underway, after B4C lodged a request with Council.

B4C is concerned about the chemical composition of the foam, which may adversely affect the water quality and wildlife relying on Salvin Creek.

The creek is particularly vulnerable at the moment due to recent clearing of vegetation that would normally provide a level of protection.

From Creek Road Bridge, Salvin Creek

Donnington St Salvin Creek

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