Doboy Wetlands & Aquarium Passage Recovery Project

The Doboy Wetlands & Aquarium Passage Recovery Project has completed and we’re very proud of the outcomes. The project includes both weed control and rubbish removal to maximise the recovery of the estuarine ecosystem.

Weeds were removed to make way for revegetation.

The B4C Landcare Services field crew, assisted by volunteers, have been busy targeting Broadleaf Pepper Trees, Chinese Elms, Glycine and Mile-a-Minute over a 2.5 ha area. As you can see from the photos, plenty of work has been done!

Two clean up events were also held in August and December. These were “plogging” tours where volunteers explored the salt marsh while collecting rubbish. The first event focussed on illegal dumping and plastic bottles. The second event there was a reduction in the amount of rubbish collected but polystyrene remained a big problem.

There was also fauna camera monitoring done in the terrestrial vegetation, with some interesting finds.

Birds species included Crows, Bush Turkeys, Painted Button-quail and Bar-shouldered doves. Mammals included Brushtail possums and bandicoots.

A bearded dragon was also spotted by the field crew!

Unfortunately pest species were spotted too, including foxes, European hare and cane toads.

This project was funded by the Coca Cola Foundation and Landcare Australia Coastal Protection Grants 2019.

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