Trial of incubators for planting in isolated areas

B4C Landcare Services is currently trialing 12 COCOON® plant incubators to allow plants to establish in isolated and/or inaccessible areas.

This trial site is a 33000m2 riparian zone along the Brisbane River. The site is infested with weeds and has no native species except for mangroves along the water.

The purpose of this particular planting is weed suppression, erosion control, establishing a corridor linking riparian zones along the river and providing essential habitat for wildlife.

The setbacks and challenges for this site include the lack of vehicle access and water trailer access. It is extremely difficult to maintain planting in such a large area without water trailers. 

The Cocoon is a plant incubator made from wax-reinforced recycled carton, that is continually being improved by its producer Land Life Company. Read more.

We will monitor the planting and report on how the incubator trial goes. If successful we will plant out the whole site.

The Growise website states:

COCOON PLANT INCUBATOR® is a patented, 100% biodegradable planting technology that eliminates irrigation, by supporting a tree/seedling through its critical first year with an accessible reservoir of water and moisture.

Very water-wise, Cocoon only requires one fill of 25 litres at planting to help establish deeper tap roots for improved plant/tree sustainability.

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  1. Hi. I would love to know how this trial goes! (:

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