B4C Policy – response to COVID-19

As at today B4C’s COVID-19 policy has been updated.

The following actions and responses are to be enacted by the Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee Inc., in response to the Qld Government’s “Roadmap to easing restrictions”. B4C aims to protect staff, volunteers, their families and the community from contracting or transmitting this virus.  All B4C activities adhere to continuing Social Distancing and Personal Hygiene standards.

The following arrangements (from May 15th until review June 12th 2020) are in line with government and Health Department information. B4C will maintain its operations to “essential operations”.

  1. OPEN DAYS, COMMUNITY & CORPORATE EVENTS: Remain suspended until further notice.
  2. VISITORS TO B4C SUSTAINABILITY CENTRE: Notice is on the B4C Website notifying the community to avoid coming to our centre or office. People should not visit the Centre unless prior arrangements have been organised – with a single point of contact.
  3. ALL MEETINGS: Meetings will be organised online until further notice (Zoom).
  4. ESSENTIAL NURSERY WORK: A skeleton staff of senior volunteers will continue to operate in small numbers (in twos only). Other volunteers are requested to not attend the B4C nursery, Depot or grounds. It is noted that most regular volunteers fall into the “Vulnerable” category of over 65 years of age. The Qld Gov. recommendation to these people is to stay at home.
  5. REFERRED VOLUNTEERS and COMMUNITY SERVICE:  These programs have ceased to operate from 19th March 2020. Referred volunteers could be considered in Stage 2. Community Service remains on hold.
  6. LANDCARE SERVICES UNIT (field staff and volunteers): Still operating, with reduced volunteers support. Maintain two people per vehicle. Field staff are always to take all recommended precautions in contact with the public and hygiene measures.
  7. OFFICE STAFF (Administration and Management): Office staff to maintain “work from home” contingency plan, limiting the number of staff at the office. Avoid face to face meetings or unnecessary external contact. Vulnerable staff (over 65 or with underlying physical or medical conditions) are encouraged to “work from home”, as has been occurring.
  8. HABITAT BRISBANE: Council has suspended activities associated with Habitat Brisbane groups, to assist with social distancing requirements, until further notice.
  9. CONTINGENCY PLAN for all staff, volunteers and potential visitors, is in operation for Stage III: Arrangements for complying with health restrictions and optimising non-contact and transmission are in operation.

B4C is still able to operate with these restrictions and health arrangements in place. A much lower number of people are attending the Centre and we will immediately inform everyone of any changes to these arrangements after considering direction or recommendations from the Authorities.

B4C is following all Government and Health Department requirements and recommendations to provide health and safety to all.  THIS POLICY TO BE DISPLAYED ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND POSTED – all three sections of Sustainability Centre along with the COVID-19 B4C Workplace Plan.

B4C is a COVID SAFE Workplace


Please contact us via phone or email with any queries.

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