Wildlife movement solutions and the Eastern Transitway

Deadline for community feedback Sunday 12th July 2020.

We are pleased to be consulting with Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) regarding options for wildlife movement solutions in relation to the planned Eastern Transitway.

When providing your feedback, please let them know you would like solutions in place for koalas and other wildlife as part of this development.

Implications of the Transitway include the loss of koala food trees and native vegetation and the likely compromising of the locally refined koala habitat area and koala habitat restoration areas.
This area has the protected Oates Hill Reserve/Phillips Creek corridor and is covered by State Koala mapping for the corridor linking Oates Hill and Bulimba Creek. These areas are also covered by Matters of State Environmental Significance wildlife habitat (SEQ Koala habitat – locally refined).
We request compensation to be provided for the loss of mature koala trees and native vegetation which is being removed for the road upgrade and will compromise the koala corridor, linking Oates Hill Reserve to Bulimba Creek Corridor. It runs north-east from Creek Rd and across Old Cleveland Rd to Old Cleveland Rd Park.
We believe that this link will be substantially compromised by the project and the State Government should consider the following recommendations for compensation and enhancement:

  1. Underpass retrofit: Bridge crossing of Bulimba Creek on Old Cleveland Rd. To include a fauna ledge, guide fencing/exclusion fencing to funnel wildlife to underpass, plus appropriate planting of native flora and canopy species. Supplemented by two Habitat/Refuge poles.
  2. Fauna Exclusion Fencing: South of Old Cleveland Rd and west of Creek Rd. To exclude koalas and wallabies from a difficult main road traffic issue, but enabling them to use Phillips Creek Corridor to Whites Hill Reserve.
  3. Glider poles and rope ladder: Across Old Cleveland Rd, linking Koala habitat area (denoted in green on map). Three poles, including centre island. With appropriate revegetation to compensate for habitat loss and increase connectivity.

Our position has been supported by Prof Darryl Jones (Griffith University) and Brisbane City Council’s Natural Environment and Sustainability section.


Also read about solutions for roads and wildlife at Compton Rd & Salvin Creek. It CAN be done!

We welcome you to add your comments and questions below.

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