Gibson Island: celebrating 2nd anniversary & biodiversity month

It was great to have so many people join us at our planting this month at Gibson Island, Murarrie. The activity was made possible thanks to event sponsors APA Group and Incitec Pivot Limited.

Around 50 people participated, including our industrial landcare partners and community members, at the Gibson Island Rehabilitation Project site.

Over 360 plants were established, helping to increase habitat, biodiversity and landscape amenity in the area. And it brings us to 6,235 put in the ground there since the project started. As with most of these events, many participants grabbed a bag and collected rubbish around the site too. There is always work to do there.

This event was going to be held in April to coincide with our second year anniversary of the Gibson Island Rehabilitation Project launch. But due to COVID-19 that event was cancelled.

B4C’s Wayne Cameron with Port of Brisbane’s Ed Harwood.

But with our COVID-safe plan in place and industrial landcare partners keen to get back to the project site, there was plenty of activity and enthusiasm at the belated anniversary planting. And holding it during September allowed us to also mark Biodiversity Month.

B4C’s Catchment Manager Wayne Cameron said a big project like this, run by a not-for-profit community group, with zero up-front funding, is a challenge in itself.

“Then COVID-19 intervened. It is easy to feel that you have lost momentum, lost contact with your landcare partners and that they may be having a tough time of it, family and business-wise,” Wayne said.

“But, on coming back, everyone was on a bit of a high on the day and the networking between volunteers and the different  industry groups was better than ever.”

“I would hope everyone involved, at any stage, feels the positive vibes that B4C feels in bringing back a highly degraded and neglected water frontage from ground zero to something of great natural value.”

It is not just us benefitting from this great work – Birdlife SEQ surveyed last week and found three families of Superb Fairy Wrens nesting.

Keep an eye out for our next Gibson Island industrial landcare event.

B4C Landcare Services will be back there in the meantime to monitor, water and undertake weed control.

Watch below – Incitec Pivot’s Glenn Poynter talks about the Gibson Island Rehabilitation Project.

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  1. A big thank you to all who participated on this Anniversary Planting Day. A special thanks to Incitec Pivot and APA Group, who were the sponsors of the event and of works going into 2021. For those who could not make it because of issues like Covid policy, we send a welcoming message for our next big event on November 4, 2020. That will round off events for 2020, as December and January may be time to retreat to our air-conditioners!

    Glenn Poynter’s interview shows that Industry has values that benefit us all, and we thank him.

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