Helping the water mouse

The B4C water mouse habitat preservation in Lower Bulimba Creek project started in November 2019 and it runs for 3 years. The project is funded by the Queensland Department of Environment and Science’s Community Sustainability Action grant program for Threatened Species.

Water mouse (Xeromys myoides). Photo: QLD Museum

The aim of the project is to improve habitat for the water mouse, through weed control and pest reduction in Lower Bulimba Creek. It also involves monitoring for signs of the water mouse.

After recognising suitable habitat, B4C applied for the grant. The project areas are the Oxbow and Doboy Wetlands. These wetlands have been brought back from a highly degraded state.

Mangroves are high in biodiversity. So looking after the habitat for this threatened species helps many others.

About the water mouse (Xeromys myoides)
The water mouse is a small, native rodent with a combined head and body length of around 12 cm and a tail length of about 10 cm. The species has small eyes, a broad snout and small rounded ears. The fur is very silky and water-resistant. (Source: QLD Dept of Environment & Science).

See below for examples of the habitat work that has been done so far.

Oxbow. Before shots with Para grass and glycine growing up the Casuarinas.
Oxbow. After snipping and chemical herbicide weed control photo with Para grass and glycine dying back.
Oxbow. After snipping and chemical herbicide weed control photo with Para grass and glycine dying back (opposite side of photo point).
Second photo monitoring point before weed controls. Para grass and glycine/ Madeira vine growing up Casuarinas and Eucalyptus trees.
Before photo of Glycine and madeira vine grown over dead shrubs as well as Devils fig.
Field crew killing and removing weed species including: madeira vine, Glycine, Devils fix and Para grass.
Student intern doing water and soil monitoring, across site one of three at oxbow wetlands, recording and analysing the data.

There will be soil and water monitoring coming up too and we can provide you more details about that and general progress in a future update.

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