Mt Elliott flora and fauna exploration

Last month Greg Tasney, one of our highly knowledgeable volunteers, guided two other plant experts through our Mount Elliott Nature Refuge property and provided us with another useful snapshot.

One of his team members was keen to obtain collections of the ‘Critically Endangered’ Flinders Stink Bush – Zieria scopulus for the Queensland Herbarium. The plant lives in gaps and shelves of the trachyte rock only. The Queensland Government is currently creating an action plan for this species.

They found at least 30 – 40 individual plants with juveniles as well.

Greg made a follow-up trip this month. He sighted two greater gliders, a koala, brush-tailed phascogale, sugar glider, Eastern small-eyed snake, bandicoot, flying foxes and more. On the way back home he spotted a number of pests including a large feral pig.

B4C, with help from the Bulimba Creek Environment Fund, made a social investment in 2018 to secure this important part of the regional biodiversity corridor linking Karawatha Forest at the headwaters of Bulimba Creek to Flinders Peak.

Our investment, actions and network are helping protect 80 ha of critical habitat.

Left: Greater glider.

Above: Brush-tailed phascogale.

Above: Flinders Stink Bush – Zieria scopulus.

Above: Boonah tuckeroo – Cupaniopsis tomentella. Listed as “Vulnerable”

Above: koala.

Above: Flinders Plum – Planchonella eerwah. Listed as “Endangered.”

Above: Smooth darling pea – Swainsona galegifolia

Above: Eastern small-eyed snake

You can follow more of Greg Tasney’s wildlife observations on iNaturalist here.

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