Bathtub solar ovens, by Ian Dillon

Ian working on his solar oven experiment

The Bathtub solar ovens experiment is currently in progress, with the aim of turning problem weeds into a resource. These solar ovens, made from repurposed materials such as bathtubs and Perspex sheets, are designed to dry out and kill tough, invasive weeds during warm weather, reducing methane emissions and speeding up composting. Initial tests have shown promising results, with weeds cooked in the ovens ending up dead, dead, dead! The air inside the tubs can reach temperatures of 60oC or higher, effectively killing weed seeds. Ongoing experiments are being conducted to test different weeds, temperatures, and durations in the tubs. By using these solar ovens, participants can contribute to reducing methane emissions, minimising pointless transport emissions, and utilising weeds for mulch and compost. The project is being carried out by Ian Dillon in collaboration with B4C, and interested individuals can contact B4C for further information and potential future developments.