Shark keyring – recycled plastic (sky blue)

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This shark keyring is a great conversation starter about sea life, plastic waste and recycling. This keyring is from the ‘sky blue’ colour range – and each one varies slightly in patterns and colour.


This shark (8cm from nose to end of tail) is made up of approximately 4 plastic milk bottle lids. The plastic in these keyrings was collected, cleaned and sorted by volunteers and then creatively re-purposed by Zero Plastics Australia.

Each Australian generates an average of 130kg of waste per year, with 84% of that going directly into landfill – lets change that! We must recycle more of what is out there, rather than supporting the intensive production of new plastic and allowing more to go into landfill. Keep it out of waterways and away from sharks!

If you want a great eco-focused gift set, accompany this keyring with one of our upcycled bags.


Sharks have existed for more than 450 million years and are one of the only animals to have survived the 5 mass extinctions. Through their evolution, they have shaped our oceans into the rich and vibrant habitats we know today.  As efficient hunters, many target dead, sick and injured prey, keeping the ocean and fish populations healthy. Sharks are effectively the ‘doctors of the ocean’.  Sharks play a vital role in the marine ecosystem, keeping the food chain in check by regulating prey species and helping to ensure that none are able to harm the habitat around them. Learn more >>

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