Wombat keyring – recycled plastic (galaxy zero)

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This wombat keyring is a great conversation starter about wombats, plastic waste and recycling. This keyring is from the ‘galaxy zero’ colour range – and each one varies slightly in patterns and colour.


This wombat (7.5cm from nose to bottom) is made up of approximately 4 plastic milk bottle lids. The plastic in these keyrings was collected, cleaned and sorted by volunteers and then creatively and carefully re-purposed by Zero Plastics Australia.

Each Australian generates an average of 130kg of waste per year, with 84% of that going directly into landfill – lets change that! We must recycle more of what is out there, rather than producing more plastic.


If you want a great eco-focused gift set, accompany this keyring with one of our upcycled bags.

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