Upper Tingalpa Creekcare 

Building a thriving and healthy Upper Tingalpa Creek Catchment for you, the community and environment.

Upper Tingalpa Creekcare is a partnership between Seqwater and Bulimba Creek Catchment Committee. The program aims to work with interested landholders within the Upper Tingalpa Creek catchment to address key threats to water quality. By participating in the program landholders can access networking opportunities, advice and on the ground assistance to tackle specific weeds such as cats claw creeper. 

Upper Tingalpa Creek Catchment

Upper Tingalpa Creekcare Map

The Upper Tingalpa Creek Catchment includes the suburbs of Burbank, Sheldon, Priestdale and parts of Mount Cotton, Daisy Hill, Springwood, Rochedale South, Rochedale, Mackenzie, Belmont, Chandler and Capalaba. 

Creeks and tributaries in this catchment flow into the Leslie Harrison Dam, known locally as Tingalpa Creek Reservoir. The reservoir is a key source of our region’s drinking water.

As Leslie Harrison Dam provides drinking water to the broader community, Seqwater and Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee (B4C) are eager to work with interested landholders, like yourself, to minimise risks to water quality.

By participating in the program, landholders can benefit from increased community connections, weed management support, training and workshops and free native plants.

It’s up to all of us to ensure our water is safe to enjoy, now and into the future.

Landholders Working together

While improving your property’s amenity and your quality of life, the partnership aims to enhance the health of local creeks and build community, ensuring that Leslie Harrison Dam continues to supply clean, safe drinking water.

By participating in the project, landholders, community members and the environment benefits. 

Landholder benefits

  • Support in improving native vegetation along creeks, including plant provision and guidance on planting design.
  • Assistance in identifying and treating significant weed issues along local creeks leading into the dam.
  • Targeted support in managing cat’s claw creeper, improving the appearance of your property and increasing its value.
  • Free training and support for horse owners to create healthy pastures, ensuring longer and healthier lives for your horses.
  • Advice on bank stabilisation and erosion prevention measures.
  • Assistance in creating off-stream watering points for livestock.
  • Workshops on weed control, revegetation, and creek repair skills.
  • Enhanced connections with other landholders in the Upper Tingalpa Creek Catchment.

Community Benefits

  • Increased neighbourhood and community connections, and improved information networks.
  • Preservation of the recreational, economic, and lifestyle opportunities of the Upper Tingalpa Creek community.
  • Enhanced waterway health and protection of water quality in Leslie Harrison Dam, our local town water supply.

Environmental Benefits

  • Conservation and protection of the Tingalpa Creek ecosystem and its flora and fauna.
  • Improved habitat health and connectivity throughout the catchment.
  • Reduced bank erosion along waterways.
  • Enhanced water quality in Tingalpa Creek.

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