Photovoltaics in the fight against Climate Change

solar panels at officeWe have installed Photovoltaics at our office, as part of our fight against Climate Change.

The 5KW system and 20 solar panels, on the office at our Sustainability Centre at Carindale, are reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

With a quarterly electricity bill between $600-$700, the cost of the instalment can be paid off within 3 years.

solar panel installationsolar panels

What is Solar?
Solar energy is a form of renewable and sustainable energy. Solar utilises the technology of photovoltaics (PV) to capture the sun’s light and convert it into electricity. This Carbon free electricity can then be used to power your business or home with the peace of mind of knowing you have reduced your environmental impact and electrical bill.

Paris 2015 Climate Summit
The recent conference about global climate change in Paris adopted an international accord which was focused on altering the current fossil fuel driven economy within the next couple of decades and reducing global warming under 2oC.

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