B4C / QUU partnership: Pine Mountain Rd, Carina

In 2010, Queensland Urban Utilities partnered with us and our Ecosystem Services Unit to undertake environmental works and Community Engagement as part of their wastewater and water services upgrades. This partnership has produced positive results with rehabilitation works on over 30 sites in the Greater Brisbane area. One of these is the Pine Mountain Rd, Carina project.

Pine Mountain Rd project

Rock works, coir matting and mulching completed.

The Pine Mountain Creek Rehabilitation Site consisted of in-stream works as well as a works within a tributary of Salvin Creek.

The site objectives were to:

  • stabilise inner bank areas with coir products and concentrated revegetation
  • control weeds along the edge of the site and prevent weed establishment in the revegetated site
  • infiltrate erosion control vegetation into top of rock profiles, where possible
  • provide a stable and resilient flood-prone waterway site by revegetation
  • provide a diverse node of native vegetation on a junction of Salvin Creek adding to the habitat and connectivity for native wildlife.

    Pine Mountain Rd, Carina

    After planting. September 2015.

Site challenges included:

  • Stabilisation of existing construction work. Rocks are average 300 to 500mm.
  • No minimal footing rocks installed (700mm)
  • Area A: has terminating rock work to a sheer undercut bank on the north western extremity
  • Earth profiled slopes either side of creek, a steep and highly compacted eastern side
  • Area B: creek slopes are not profiled or compacted, but could be stabilized by coir log footings and coir netting on sloping embankments, on this smaller leg of the waterway
  • Site is showing increasing hydraulic high velocity flows with erosion even on the flat southern areas, just outside of the project area. Two waterways converge here.


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