Spring Creek & Belmont Hills Rehabilitation

B4C has been given the OK, and funding from Brisbane City Council, to rehabilitate sections of Belmont Hills and Spring Creek. Over 1200 plants have just been established in key areas near Ewer St on Spring Creek.

Ewar St, Scrub Rd, Carindale

Ewar St & Scrub Rd, Carindale

Spring Creek

Spring Creek

We are also looking to help private conservation group landholders, Belmont Hills Conservation Group, by providing an in-kind “low shrub bird buffer” along the southern boundary of Belmont Hills.

B4C Catchment Manager Wayne Cameron says ongoing relationships are very important for good environmental outcomes.

“This is done through learning what the local bushcarers want and using any surplus generated from our contracts back into the community in this way,” Wayne says.

We’re also working with the Pacific Golf Club to design a fauna-friendly access fence line from the Scrub Rd area, where wallabies, water birds and other native species are currently being blocked by a chainwire fence that prevents wildlife from safely entering the haven of the golf course.

We’ll have more updates on these projects as they happen.

Greendale way & Mt Petrie Rd after mulching

Greendale Way, Mt Petrie Rd after planting and mulching

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