Salvin Creek – your help needed!

Development in Waterway Corridor

There is a current threat to the Salvin Creek Waterway Corridor from a TriCare proposed development at 880 Creek Rd, Carina Heights.

An approval for an Aged Care Facility was approved in May 2016. It provided for a large-scale development to be implemented over 15 years.

It encroached into the Salvin Creek Waterway Corridor. TriCare did not dedicate the waterway section back to Brisbane City Council, which is usual practice. Instead it retained about 1/3 of the waterway in its private ownership. Council approved this and placed a Zoning of Environmental Protection Area over this part of the waterway.

Recent addition to development plans

On September 2nd, 2016 TriCare lodged a new application, which does not have to be advertised and there is NO OBJECTION RIGHTS FROM THE COMMUNITY.

It wants Council to drop the Environmental Protection Area designation and allow a private bowling green, along with built infrastructure (3 full-metal structures, 3 shade shelters, paths, plumbing and electrical installations).

. . . All this within the waterway corridor.

Friends of Salvin Creek

Planting by Friends of Salvin Creek. August 2016.

The Salvin Creek waterway corridor has been a community success story for the environment and wildlife, linking Whites Hill Reserve to Bulimba Creek. Council has purchased five properties along this waterway to preserve this link and Catchment and Bushcare volunteers have worked for 23 years to rehabilitate the waterway corridor.

Now TriCare believe that maximising their development footprint and changing their plans unscrutinised, will have Council just cave in to them.

There has been too much good work and goodwill go into the Salvin Creek corridor to lose it at the last hurdle. So please consider.

We need your help! What can you do?


  • If you’d like further information call Wayne Cameron on 0413 476 736 or email You can also post your questions publicly below.
  • To let your voice be heard on this matter and wanting our waterway, wildlife and local lifestyle protected – please contact:
    a) the local Councillor, Cr Ian Mackenzie or Phone 3403 2101. Suite 6, 737 Logan Road, Greenslopes, QLD 4120 (it was previously in the Chandler Ward)
    b) If you’re not in the Coorparoo Ward, contact Julian Simmonds, Chairman of City Planning. Phone 3407 0005 or email
  • Please share this issue with others. Send this page to them, print off this A4 flyer/poster (PDF) for your neighbours or invite them to like the Friends of Salvin Creek Facebook page.

View larger size of below image.Salvin Creek development plan

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