Fox control needed to save native animals

Trapped male fox

Trapped male fox

A male fox was trapped this week by Glen Alchin of All Critters Pest Control (a division of Pest Animal Management QLD).

He found a male phascogale lying beside it.

“I’m guessing the fox had already caught the phascogale, then investigated the trap site while carrying his dinner home,” Glen said.

“Interesting little animal, first time that I have seen one this close. This is why fox control is so important, they eat all the mini native fauna.”

Male phascogale

Male phascogale

Further phascogales information:

The phascogales (members of the eponymous genus Phascogale), also known as wambengers, are carnivorous Australian marsupials of the family Dasyuridae.

8 Current threats: Reduction in area of occupancy predominantly caused by gross habitat alteration including continued habitat clearing and fragmentation, and habitat alteration by logging and mining. The greatest current threat is the increasing decline in the availability of hollow-bearing trees. Predation by foxes and cats. Male die-off makes this taxon particularly vulnerable to stochastic events. Reproductively viable populations are unlikely to persist in suitable habitat areas smaller than thousands of hectares.

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