Enhancing Carindale Recreation Reserve

Queensland Urban Utilities and B4C are teaming up to provide a 1800 Sq m native revegetation planting in degraded woodlands bordering the Carindale Recreation Reserve.

Over three years ago we did another two plantings, including one adjoining the dog off-leash area. That section is now a great landscape vista.

We plan to increase the diversity, remove weed infestations (many problematic exotic species of grasses and vines) and develop a more diverse habitat for native wildlife.

This project, which we expect to kick-off later this month, will also provide landscape amenity for users of the recreation reserve.

We hope to hold a Community Planting day and invite the local community and QUU staff and B4C volunteers.

The photos below show the old plantings which is weeds infested and needing a recovery. Also pictured is a grassy opening area where we will plant the 600 tube-stock plants.






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