Bushcare super-group!


Josette with recycled cocos palm logs used on slope

It’s great when two bushcare groups can join forces. It’s beneficial for extra hands as well as getting an insight into what is happening at another site.

The Whites Hill bushcare group visited the Myuna Park bushcare group at Balmoral this morning.

Josette gave the Whites Hill group a tour of their site, explaining their challenges and successes over the past 3 years when they began.

Josette is pictured right showing the recycled cocos palm logs now used for terracing the steep slope. A Brisbane City Council environment grant paid for a contractor to cut these pest trees down.

Today’s challenge was to tackle a garden escapee, Bougainvillea. And they ended the morning with a beautiful morning tea under the trees.

Myuna Park Bushcare has a working bee on the third Sunday of the month, 8-10am.

Brisbane City Council

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