Protection secured for important part of biodiversity corridor

B4C, with help from the Bulimba Creek Environment Fund, has made a social investment in securing an important part of the regional biodiversity corridor linking Karawatha Forest at the headwaters of Bulimba Creek to the iconic Flinders Peak.


Mt Elliot property

The property includes Mt Elliott and is adjacent to Flinders Peak.

We have acted to protect 80 ha of critical habitat that contains Mt Elliott, adjacent to the Flinders Peak conservation reserve in this key corridor.

The property is home to koalas, endangered rock wallabies and much more. This is the first time in 30 years that the property has come on to the market.

B4C President Mik Petter says that the group works to protect Bulimba Creek, but we also work to protect nature in the wider region.

“This is a social investment which will yield a real return to everyone in SEQ and to its wildlife. So in this case we’re investing in the social and environmental returns rather than any financial return we might have got in a term deposit. This investment complements our day-to-day work in protecting Bulimba Creek.”

The Undullah property is home to a range of threatened species.

The purchase represents a once in a generation opportunity to help secure this valuable part of a regional bio-corridor and essential habitat for iconic endangered species.

We were informed about the availability of the Undullah property from our friends at Karawatha Forest Protection Society. In the interest of conservation, it was imperative for it to be secured.

State Government and local councils have invested in acquisitions in the Flinders corridor but had limited capacity to respond when this property came on the market. With those avenues unavailable, we felt compelled to make this ethical investment.  It’s important for community groups to step up, if and when they can, to achieve these key outcomes when governments are unable to respond.

“The protection of nature in SEQ relies on an active partnership between community groups and governments to achieve the outcomes required,” Mik says.

We have now started the process to get the property registered as a Nature Refuge via QLD Trust for Nature.

In 2015 we made another social investment in our purchase of a 129ha buffer area for the World Heritage listed Mt Barney National Park. This has also provided great education and training outcomes for both our volunteers and Green Army teams. Our latest investment adds further security to regional conservation – connecting the Karawatha-Flinders Peak corridor to the Scenic Rim, Mt Barney and the border.

We look forward to bringing our members and the wider community more news and information about the property and the ensuing wildlife dividends.

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  1. Awesome Bernice mentioned this property how crucial it was. Hopefully we can work to protect our koala habitat in Bellbird park eg restore the corridor. A koala reserve sanctuary. Would be beneficial. We know there are koalas have video photographic evidence woogaroo scrob also listed as historical but it seems ipswich council have sold it out to developers.

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