New aged care proposed development – Pacific Golf Club, Carindale

Waterway at Pacific Golf ClubReside Communities (Aged Care Developer) and the Pacific Golf Club are proposing a development on Sport and Recreation Area Designation Land.

With every development comes issues and opportunities for the local environment and we want to see a good outcome for the community and the environment.

B4C has compiled the following issues to look at for this development.

  1. The precedents for alienation of open space in Brisbane set by such a development on Sport and Recreation zoned land and the environmental impacts on a sensitive creek junction and adjoining floodplains.
  2. The site has natural assets of local and regional significance, including floodplain, vegetation, greenspace and wildlife corridor values.  These values must be protected.
  3. There are already threatening processes to these natural values occurring on the golf club land (pictured above), such as stream instability, accelerated runoff, sediment discharge and barriers to fauna movement.
  4. B4C would like to see how proponent proposes to protect these values and address threatening processes.
    • Slumping of Bulimba Creek within the Golf Club.  Serious collapse of banks with on-going degradation and sediment release if not addressed.  B4C, in conjunction with Pacific Golf Club and hydraulic experts Johnson Water Management developed a Rehabilitation Plan for a section of the creek which is badly affected.  It includes essential in-stream stabilisation works and revegetation.  
    • Permanent protection of identified waterway, floodplain, Greenspace and corridor values on the rest of the site.
  5. Has the proponent assessed the potential of an “Environmental Dividend” to be realised by the project?  Examples of the environmental dividend are the Bulimba Creek Oxbow – restoration of a tidal wetland through negotiation and use of-onsite construction machinery (2001).  The Logan Motorway Upgrade – community committee advocated fauna movement solutions and convinced Transurban to allocate $3 million to the project to incorporate a range of Fauna Movement Solutions. 
  6. Other Issues of importance:koala at Pacific Golf Club
    • The development footprint is minimised.
    • Construction activities outside areas identified that could impact on natural values.
    • Potential impact of traffic is addressed as the site is not in an area frequent public transport and is not a “transport hub”. 
    • Scenic amenity (landscape values) are maintained and enhanced.  
    • Increased runoff from hard surfaces addressed, especially as the proposal is uphill of the worst creek slumping problems. 
    • Ensuring further incremental development and urbanisation of the site is prohibited. 
    • Consequent impacts of traffic, domestic animals, noise & light on fauna are addressed. 
    • All landscaping to use endemic native species that are complementary to the site’s environmental values. 

Wayne Cameron at Pacific Golf Club, Carindale.

We encourage you to contact us with any queries and to follow progress of the project.

Pictured left: B4C’s Catchment Manager Wayne Cameron at Pacific Golf Club after a working bee that established 50 new trees.

Waterway at Pacific Golf Club

Pictured right: Shaun O’Leary, Golf Course Superintendent of Pacific Golf Club. B4C helped the club to remove Salvinia, an aquatic weed. Read more about that project here.

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