High impact activity on conservation reserve

A recently planted area at Mookinbah Conservation Reserve at Manly is being impacted by horse riding, an activity usually not permitted in the reserve.

Bayside Creek Catchment Group (BCCG) and Bulimba Creek Catchment Group (B4C) are concerned that there appears to be confusion and lack of consultation about the high impact recreation activity on a conservation reserve.

When recent horse riders were approached by a BCCG member they told him that they had been given permission to ride there from Council and showed them a communication supporting this on one of their phones.

B4C Catchment Manager Wayne Cameron says introducing this new potentially damaging activity will threaten decades of volunteer work and community goodwill.

“Brisbane is the most biodiverse city in Australia. This means, in many cases, we have wildlife and native plants surviving in urban areas and close to the community. And we’ve had recent encouraging plans for a “clean and green” city coming from Council and our new Lord Mayor,” Wayne says.

“To properly function as habitat we must ensure the primary use of those areas is conservation. Brisbane Catchments Network supports genuine nature based recreation activities but we have concerns about other proposed uses of these area.”

B4C and BCCG have contacted Council to clarify the situation. We hope that there has been some miscommunications rather than a change in direction.

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