B4C’s E-waste Collection Drive

Thank you to everyone that dropped their e-waste to B4C as part of our E-waste collection drive. Our January 2024 collection drive has now ended. B4C’s amazing volunteers, Brian and Peter, delivered a full ute-load of E-waste to our friends at Substation 33!

E-waste: a growing problem threatening human and environmental health

E-waste is a rapidly growing problem that poses significant risks to both human and environmental health. E-waste is defined as discarded products with a battery or plug. Globally, almost 60 million tons of E-waste is produced annually, with each person producing nearly 8 kg of E-waste per year. Shockingly, only about 17% of this waste is properly collected, treated, and recycled. 

Proper recycling of E-waste is crucial. Firstly, E-waste contains valuable materials that can be recovered and reused, contributing to a more sustainable and circular economy. Secondly, improper disposal of E-waste in landfills or other dumping sites poses serious threats to public health and ecosystems. When E-waste is inappropriately disposed of or burned, it releases dust particles and toxins like dioxins, that can cause respiratory damage. Heavy metals and flame retardants present in E-waste can contaminate soil and water sources, harming groundwater, crops, and aquatic life. Additionally, E-waste often contains toxic components such as mercury and lead, which can have detrimental effects on human organs. Proper E-cycling is vital to mitigate these environmental and health risks associated with E-waste.

Substation33: Empowering Communities and Protecting the Environment

Although B4C’s January 2024 collection drive is now complete you can still drop your E-waste directly to Substation33.

Substation33 is a social enterprise initiative that aims to provide maginalised members of our community with a supportive workplace where they can gain confidence and develop skills to transition into sustainable employment. Additionally, Substation33 addresses the pressing issue of electronic waste, seeking to recycle, repurpose, and reuse discarded equipment to minimise negative environmental impacts.

Over the past decade, Substation33 has grown considerably. One of the key strengths of Substation33 lies in its commitment to inclusivity. The organisation welcomes individuals from diverse backgrounds and abilities, fostering an environment that values everyone’s unique contributions. By providing opportunities for personal and professional growth, Substation33 empowers individuals to acquire valuable technical expertise, teamwork and collaboration skills, enhanced confidence and self-esteem and knowledge of sustainable practices.

Where to find Substation33

You can deliver your E-waste directly to Substation33 throughout the year and support them in their mission to support both the environment and the community. 

Their E-waste facility can be found at 31 Mary St, Kingston.

Substation33 also runs a Containers for Change facility 21 Aranda St, Slacks Creek.  

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