Thank you to our amazing volunteers!

On Friday, November 24th, the Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee celebrated the end of 2023 and recognised the valuable contributions made by volunteers in the Bulimba Creek catchment and beyond.

Collage of people at the end of year morning tea
B4C End of Year Morning Tea

During the event, B4C announced the recipients of the 2023 B4C Awards, honouring individuals and groups who have made exceptional contributions to environmental conservation and community engagement. These awardees have demonstrated dedication and passion, making a significant impact on the environment and inspiring others to take action.

Throughout the year, B4C achieved several milestones, including hosting over 50 community events, 10 school events, numerous corporate events, monthly water testing at various sites across the catchment, and a combined contribution of over 10,000 volunteer hours.

Special thanks were given to esteemed attendees, including Cr Lisa Atwood – Councillor for Doboy Ward, Steve Martin from Powerlink, Michael Linde from Port of Brisbane, and representatives from Brisbane City Council – Michael Thorley, Kate Flink, and Fflur Collier.

Here are the recipients of the 2023 B4C Awards:

B4C OUTSTANDING COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT AWARD: Gen Robey – Since 2015, Gen has shown exceptional support to B4C and other groups through her engagement on social media, website construction, and the organisation of various events, such as the environmental Art Show. Her skills and dedication have raised the profile of B4C and engaged local residents, members, volunteers, and students. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Gen for her passion and generosity.

B4C OUTSTANDING DEDICATED SERVICE AWARD: Duncan Ezzy and Daryl McBride (Dad’s Army) – Over 22 years of dedicated volunteering, Duncan and Daryl, affectionately known as Dad’s Army, have retired. They have played a crucial role in the success of B4C’s volunteer programs, and their support will be greatly missed. We express our deepest gratitude to Duncan and Daryl for their unwavering commitment.

B4C BUSHCARER OF THE YEAR: Rod Longmire – Rod’s exceptional leadership of the Whites Hill Habitat Brisbane Group and the Whites Hill Pine Mountain Community Group has been outstanding. He has been an inspiration to others, tirelessly working to protect Whites Hill Reserve and mentoring the next generation of group leaders.

B4C OUTSTANDING SERVICE AWARD: Patrick O’Donoghue – Patrick’s 23 years of hard work, commitment, and dedicated service as Treasurer have been instrumental in B4C’s success

B4C ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION AWARD: Cate Storey – Cate, our Communications Officer, has shown outstanding support for the next generation through her dedication and skills in achieving positive outcomes. Her innovative approach has driven projects like the Upper Tingalpa Creekcare Program. We are proud to have Cate as a valued member of our team.

B4C BUSH CARE GROUP OF THE YEAR: LOTA BUSHCARE GROUP – The Lota Bushcare Group has been recognised for their excellent rehabilitation efforts at Lota Reserve and their engagement of the local community. With over 10 new members this year, the group initiated a nest box installation and monitoring program and installed nest boxes painted by local school children at bushcare sites across the area. 

B4C NATURAL AREA GROUP OF THE YEAR: Seven Hills – The Seven Hills group has consistently demonstrated dedication over the years as protectors of the Seven Hills Reserve and its habitat. Volunteers like Eris Jolly, Kevin Wotten, and Michael Ryan have been the helping hands that this small, yet precious nature reserve required to thrive. Their efforts have garnered strong support from the Council in preserving the reserve’s natural values.

B4C LIFE MEMBER: Fiona McAuliffe – Fiona, a long-term nursery volunteer, has been an unwavering member of the B4C community. Her dedication extends beyond the nursery, as she has become a valued Bushcare Rover and actively participates in various programs. Fiona’s commitment and support are highly appreciated.

B4C LIFE MEMBER: Peter Ware – Peter, along with his colleague Brian Goodwin, has played a vital role in maintaining the Sustainability Centre and providing support in mechanical and construction tasks. His dependable nature and positive outlook have made him an valuable asset to our organisation.

B4C NURSERY VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR: Ian Dillon – Ian’s research and implementation of the Bathtub Solar Oven Project for weed treatment have been commendable. His innovative approach has turned problem weeds into a composting resource, reducing methane emissions and utilising green waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

B4C YOUNG ENVIRONMENTALIST OF THE YEAR: Callum Rawlins – Callum, a University Intern at B4C, has displayed exceptional dedication and leadership in ecology. One of Callum’s most significant contributions was the establishment of a native fern ecosystem, designed to serve as an educational resource for B4C staff, volunteers, and the broader community.

B4C FIELD VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR: Ken Cook – Ken’s consistent and dedicated volunteering with Landcare Services over the long-term has been remarkable. His generosity and reliability have made him a highly valued member of our team.

B4C FIELD VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR: Justin Donnelly – Justin has made a significant contribution to the community. His dedication to our country is ongoing and generous. We are proud to have Justin as a volunteer, and we thank him for his service.

B4C VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR: Pauline Vedelago – Pauline’s varied and dedicated support to several catchment programs through on-ground volunteering is highly valued. Her dependability and positive attitude have made her an exceptional volunteer, and we are fortunate to have her on our team.

B4C VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR: Peter Green – Peter’s willingness to engage in different activities, including work at both B4C’s Sustainability Centre and bushcare sites such as Oxbow Wetlands, has greatly benefited the community. We are grateful for his dedication.

B4C REGIONAL CONSERVATION AWARD: Ben Barton – Ben’s dedication to nature conservation and innovative eco-tourism has been outstanding. As a champion of our region, he has demonstrated how a Nature Refuge should operate through his management of Bartopia. Ben is truly a leading light in regional conservation.

B4C ENVIRONMENTALIST OF THE YEAR: Keith Brown – Keith’s high-level support to community organisations over the long-term has been exceptional. As the current Secretary of Bayside Catchment Group and Brisbane Catchments Network, his efforts in administration have been invaluable. We extend our heartfelt thanks to Keith for his unwavering dedication.

Congratulations to all the award recipients! Your dedication and passion have made a significant impact on the environment and inspired others. 

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