Celebrating Environmental Stewardship and Community Engagement

We want to thank Seymour Whyte and our Industrial Landcare partners for their dedication and hard work during a recent clean-up event for Clean-up Australia Day. Twenty-seven volunteers generously gave their time and effort to make a positive impact on our community and environment.

A special thanks to Seymour Whyte for their support and sponsorship of the event, showing their ongoing commitment to environmental conservation.

The volunteers’ collective efforts at the clean-up event were crucial in preventing harmful plastic and other pollutants from reaching Moreton Bay, helping to protect our local marine ecosystems and wildlife.

The Gibson Island Industrial Landcare Project reminds us that industrial areas, when properly cared for, can promote ecological diversity. Despite being often seen as wastelands, industrial areas can connect to sensitive ecological zones.

The clean-up site focused on the riparian zone along Aquarium Passage, which leads to Moreton Bay. Rubbish in this area poses a significant hazard to turtles, dugongs, sea birds, and other wildlife.

The amount of rubbish collected during the event highlights the unfortunate reality that industrial areas are often targets for illegal dumping. It is crucial that we address deliberate littering and take responsibility for safeguarding our waterways.

Before the start of the Gibson Island Industrial Landcare project in April 2018, the industrial port area along Paringa Rd, Murarrie, suffered from severe degradation due to pollution runoff, waste accumulation, and invasive weed growth. These issues had negative effects on water quality, wildlife, and ecosystem balance. Through clean-up efforts, native vegetation restoration, pollution control, and weed management, the project has made significant progress in revitalizing the area.

With 26 major events, 1,346 dedicated volunteers, and the planting of 9,683 native plants along a 1.2 km riparian zone, the Gibson Island Industrial Landcare project has not only improved habitat connectivity for threatened wildlife but has also created a natural filtration system for stormwater runoff, protecting the mangrove-lined waterway from pollution, erosion, and sedimentation.

The success of the Gibson Island Industrial Landcare project showcases the power of collaboration, environmental stewardship, and community engagement in building a sustainable and thriving ecosystem for future generations.

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