Bunting: a colourful alternative to balloons

by Josephine Brown

Planning a festive get-together? 

Whatever the reason, whether indoors or out in the garden, you’ll want to decorate your venue somehow.

Colourful, shiny balloons have always been an easy choice … but nowadays they’re really out of favour.

Smart alternative

However, an attractive, sustainable, reusable alternative is available: bunting.

Bunting is one of those “everything old is new again” things. It originated with Royal Navy ships in the 17th century when rows of small flags were used as communication signals. Apparently, it quickly evolved to street decorations.

Here at B4C Sustainability Centre, a group of enthusiastic volunteers meets once a week to make bunting (and so much more!) out of donated fabric. 

This bunting, consisting of triangular flags sewn on to a long tape, can have a theme of nature or animals, or simply be colourful flags strung together.

Best of all, bunting is inexpensive, reusable (unlike balloons that simply disappear and cause havoc somewhere else) and you can wash it if you need to.

So many occasions

Bunting lends its WOW! factor to so many occasions: 

  • a birthday bash, where it lets your girl or boy know how special they are
  • a surprise party
  • a wedding, engagement, bridal shower or hens’ party
  • an anniversary for your beloved parents
  • a garden party to share the beauty that surrounds you
  • a day to proudly showcase national identity, like Australia Day.

Get your bunting here

Visit https://bulimbacreek.org.au/shop/

You’ll probably see other eye-catching, useful and sustainable items that you need, too!

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