Upper Tingalpa Creekcare Planting Events: Lake Dennis and Grieve Rd

Upper Tingalpa Creekcare is now in full swing, with two neighbourhood plantings taking place recently.   

Upper Tingalpa Creekcare, a collaborative effort led by the Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee and Seqwater, continues to make strides in enhancing water quality and mitigating environmental threats within the Upper Tingalpa Creek catchment.

Encompassing suburbs such as Burbank, Sheldon, Priestdale, and parts of Mount Cotton, Daisy Hill, Springwood, Rochedale South, Rochedale, Mackenzie, Belmont, Chandler, and Capalaba, this catchment area plays a vital role in supplying water to our region, with its creeks and tributaries feeding into the Leslie Harrison Dam, a critical water source.

To safeguard the waterway, Seqwater and the Bulimba Creek Catchment Coordinating Committee offer support to interested landholders, ranging from weed management to workshops and free native plants.

Lake Dennis Neighbourhood Planting

The recent Lake Dennis Neighbourhood planting, on Saturday 27th April, showed strong community dedication to protecting the environment. Residents from Lake Dennis and Passerine Park in Logan Council areas united to rejuvenate the riparian area bordering Lake Dennis.

A special mention goes out to the 16 dedicated volunteers, including Sienna from Logan City Council, whose contributions were invaluable to the success of the day. Gratitude is also extended to Judy, our gracious host, for fostering a sense of camaraderie among participants with delightful morning tea.

The restoration of riparian vegetation not only enhances the area’s aesthetic appeal but also serves as a natural filtration system, safeguarding water quality. The site’s rich biodiversity, including water birds like resident Magpie Geese and their six goslings, underscores the significance of our conservation efforts.

The collaborative spirit exhibited by the community reflects a profound commitment to both environmental stewardship and community development. The installation of filtering vegetation and erosion controls signifies a tangible step towards preserving the water quality of Leslie Harrison Dam.

The community’s teamwork shows a deep dedication to caring for the environment and building our community. Planting filtering vegetation and erosion controls is a real step in keeping Leslie Harrison Dam’s water clean.

Grieve Rd Neighbourhood Planting

Similarly, on 24th February, approximately 15 residents joined us for the Grieve Rd Neighbourhood planting initiative. Their efforts in planting native species along creek banks will not only fortify the land against erosion but also serve as a crucial barrier, protecting waterways from sediment, pathogens, and pollutants.

Special appreciation is extended to Ron and Chel for generously hosting the volunteers during this endeavour. Beyond its environmental benefits, this neighbourhood planting initiative provided an invaluable opportunity for neighbours to forge connections while working towards a shared objective.

Gratitude is also extended to Seqwater for their funding support, B4C for their provision of additional plants and volunteer hours, and, most importantly, to the landholders and neighbours whose enthusiasm and dedication were instrumental to the project’s success.

These neighbourhood plantings are a testament to the power of community engagement in environmental conservation. Let us continue working together to safeguard and preserve our precious water resources for generations to come.

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