Turtle keyring – recycled plastic (galaxy zero)

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This turtle keyring is a great conversation starter about turtles, plastic in the oceans and recycling. This keyring is from the ‘galaxy zero’ colour range – and each one varies slightly in patterns and colouring.


This turtle (5.5cm from nose to toe) is made up of approximately 4 plastic milk bottle lids. The lids were collected, cleaned and sorted by volunteers and then creatively re-purposed by Zero Plastics Australia.

Each Australian generates an average of 130kg of waste per year, with 84% of that going directly into landfill. We must recycle more of what is out there (rather than producing more plastic) and keep it out of waterways and landfill – away from turtles!


Want a great eco-focused gift set? Accompany this turtle keyring with one of our upcycled bags.


Young marine turtles are swallowing large quantities of plastic, with ocean pollution changing habitats that were once ideal for their development into a risk, researchers have found. The impact of plastic on wildlife is a growing area of research, and studies have revealed harrowing cases of marine animals sustaining injuries or dying after ingesting such material or becoming entangled in it. Learn more >>

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